Ultralux Indoor Scraper Entrance Mat | Polypropylene Fibres and Anti-Slip Vinyl Backed Door Mat | Grey | Multiple Sizes

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  • Ultralux Grey Indoor Scraper Doormat with Polypropylene Fibres and Anti-Slip Vinyl Backing
  • Ultralux Anti-slip Scraper Door Mat for Inside
  • Ultralux Anti-slip Grey Indoor Dirt Scraper Door Mat
£31.99 - £48.99


Ultralux Indoor Scraper Entrance Mats are the ideal doormat to help keep home, commercial and industrial entrances clean, hygienic and safe by eliminating wet or dirty floors that can cause slippage. Anti-slip and easy to clean, these door mats offer extraordinary dust, dirt and moisture control at a competitive price.

Attractively designed with 70% microfibres, to absorb moisture, and 30% ultra-tough polypropylene scraper fibres, to remove even the smallest dust and dirt particles from footwear and prevent it entering your home or office, Ultralux doormats offer a stylish yet highly effective dirt barrier solution.

MAXIMUM REMOVAL OF DIRT AND MOISTURE - Effectively hides and traps dirt and dust particles and absorb moisture from footwear and paws, keeping your carpets and floors clean, hygienic and safe.

EXCELLENT WATER ABSORPTION - Manufactured with 70% microfibres that can absorb up to 2 litres per m² of moisture.

SUPER STRONG SCRAPER AND SOAKER FIBRES - Produced with 30% ultra-strong polypropylene scraper fibres, which act like tiny brushes to help remove even more dust and dirt whilst providing greater strength and durability to the doormat.

DURABLE NON-SLIP VINYL BACKING AND EDGING - Keeps the door mat firmly in place for added stability, to reduce mat movement and prevent trip hazards. Non-staining vinyl.

SLEEK LOW PROFILE DOORMAT DESIGN - Will not catch on doors, making it the perfect floor mat to protect carpets or hard flooring in any room.

LOW MAINTENANCE - Super easy to keep clean, simply vacuum. This entrance mat is fully machine washable at 30°C.

MULTI-PURPOSE DOOR MAT - Ideal for use in the home, commercial and industrial entrances, warehouses, shops, hallways, lobbies, porches, laundry rooms, garages, conservatories, front and back doors and kitchens.

Combine our Ultralux indoor entrance mats with our outdoor entrance mats for maximum benefit.

Other Features and Benefits

  • Non-slip, anti-staining vinyl backing
  • Full vinyl border to prevent trip hazards
  • High performance polypropylene scraper and microfibres for effective dirt, dust and moisture removal
  • Attractive mottled design hides dirt and removes even the tiniest dirt and dust particles
  • Suitable for carpets and hard flooring
  • High quality, long lasting construction
  • Machine washable at 30°C/86°F
  • Sleek, stylish, low profile design, will not get stuck under doors
  • Versatile entry way mat for home, commercial and industrial use
  • Easy to roll out
  • Pile weight: 2850 gram/m²
  • Tuft Density: 100,000 m²
  • 1 year limited warranty

Important Information

This doormat is designed for indoor use. Suitable for carpets and hard flooring.

Available in grey and brown, as well as multiple sizes for any application.


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Additional Information

Microfibre, Polypropylene and Anti-Slip Vinyl
1 Year Limited Warranty
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