Ultralux Indoor Outdoor Heavy Duty Dirt Trapper Door Mat | Absorbent, Strong, Waterproof, Non-Slip Durable Floor Mat | Dark Grey | Multiple Sizes

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  • Ultralux Dark Grey Heavy Duty Dirt Trapper Door Mat
  • Ultralux Anti-Slip Waterproof Dirt Trapper Doormat
  • Ultralux Grey Anti-Slip Waterproof Dirt Trapper Indoor Outdoor Door Mat
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Ultralux Indoor Outdoor Dirt Trapper Entrance Mats are the ultimate dirt barrier solution to help keep home, commercial and industrial entryways clean, hygienic and safe by eliminating wet or dirty floors that can cause slippage.

The unique 'twister' coil design effectively removes, traps and hides all mud, dirt, grit, sand and dust particles of any size from any type of footwear. The comfortable, cushioned vinyl door mat is easy to clean and is hard wearing enough to provide excellent dirt and moisture control all year round, making it the perfect entrance mat for any indoor or outdoor application.

HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION - Manufactured using tough vinyl coils designed to trap both large and small particles of mud, grit, sand and dirt. This doormat will not shed, rot, fray, wear or fade – a superior harder wearing alternative to coir and fabric door mats.

ULTIMATE DIRT REMOVAL - Twisted vinyl coils make the top surface very effective at scraping shoes. Tight spaghetti layered coils also capture smaller dirt and dust particles and trigger moisture removal from footwear.

ENHANCED DURABILITY WITH AN ANTI-SLIP VINYL BACKING AND EDGING - Keeps the door mat firmly in place for excellent stability, reduces mat movement and prevent trip hazards.

LOW MAINTENANCE - Super easy to keep clean, simply shake the doormat off or wash with a garden hose. If required, normal household detergent can be used.

STYLISH WATERPROOF INDOOR OUTDOOR DOORMAT - Perfect for home, commercial and industrial entrances, hallways, lobbies, shops, porches, garages, gardens, patios, conservatories and kitchens.

Other Features and Benefits

  • Comfortable cushioned vinyl
  • Suitable for year round use
  • Heavy duty vinyl backing (3kg/m) with non-slip stability
  • Anti-staining vinyl backing
  • Low maintenance, hygienic, easy clean doormat
  • The ultimate dirt and moisture removal door mat
  • Effective dirt trapper design removes, traps and hides all dirt, grit, sand and dust particles of any size
  • Excellent alternative to coir and fabric mats – will not shed, rot, fray, wear or fade
  • Can be used as an indoor or outdoor entry mat
  • Waterproof
  • UV Resistant
  • Easy to roll out
  • 1 year limited warranty

Important Information

This doormat is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Suitable for carpets and hard flooring.

Available in grey and black, as well as multiple sizes for any application.

We recommend you regularly shake off and clean the doormat to ensure optimum dirt and moisture removal.

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Additional Information

Indoor and Outdoor
PVC (Vinyl)
Dark Grey
1 Year Limited Warranty
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