AFS-TEX System 2000 | Anti-Fatigue Mat Perfect For Use with Standing Desks | Grey | Multiple Sizes

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  • AFS-TEX System 2000 Grey Anti-Fatigue Mat
  • AFS-TEX System 2000 Grey Anti-Fatigue Mat
  • AFS-TEX System 2000 Grey Anti-Fatigue Mat for Use With Standing Desks
  • AFS-TEX System 2000 Grey Anti-Fatigue Floor Comfort Mat
  • AFS-TEX System 2000 Anti-Fatigue Mat - Grey
  • AFS-TEX System Anti-Fatigue Product Options
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The AFS-TEX 2000 anti-fatigue mat is designed to relieve the strain of prolonged standing. More than just a mat - it features an ergonomically designed print that acts as a visual cue to encourage regular movement for better fatigue relief. AFS-TEX 2000 is a deep-pad comfort mat that supports joints and improves user comfort when standing.

It has a wipe-clean surface which makes it perfect for use in kitchens, workshops and at work, whether office based, retail or industrial. Our unique anti-microbial technology - FS Bio - is added to the mat to protect the mat surface from microbial deterioration. This lasts for the lifetime of the mat and works 24/7. The mat has bevelled edges and an anti-slip base for safety and stability.

IMPROVE COMFORT - Cushioned and supportive mat surface reduces the strain on feet, knees, legs and back joints caused by prolonged standing.

VISUAL REMINDER TO MOVE - Ergonomically designed surface print acts as a visual cue to encourage small regular movements, to reduce fatigue further and increase metabolism.

DEEP PADDING - The unique AFS-TEX mat construction is guaranteed not to flatten or lose support over time, ensuring the mat remains supportive and comfortable.

ANTI-MICROBIAL - FS Bio is an active anti-microbial ingredient, added to the mat during manufacture. This protects the mat surface from microbial deterioration and makes the floor mat ideal for barefoot working.

SAFE AND STABLE - Anti-slip base for maximum stability. Bevelled edges to reduce tripping hazards. Free from toxins including phthalates and recyclable after use. Easy to clean.

VERSATILE - Lightweight, easy to clean with multiple uses in the home, office and industrial areas. Recommended for use in kitchens, retail counters, workshops, workstations, as a standing desk accessory.

Please note: This mat is not suitable for use with high heeled shoes.

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Carpets and Hard Floors
1 Year Limited Warranty
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