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AFS-TEX Dynamic | Active Foot Rest | Ergonomic Footrest For Active Offices | Keeps You Moving While Sitting

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  • AFS-TEX Dynamic Active Foot Rest
  • AFS-TEX Dynamic Ergonomic Footrest
  • AFS-TEX Dynamic Active Foot Rest - Black
  • AFS-TEX Dynamic Active Foot Rest
  • AFS-TEX Dynamic Ergonomic Footrest
  • AFS-TEX System Anti-Fatigue Product Options


AFS-TEX Dynamic Active Footrest is the best way to stay active while sitting at your desk. For office workers without a stand up or adjustable desk, the Dynamic helps you to keep moving, even when you're sitting down. More than just a footrest, the Dynamic has been ergonomically designed to be difficult to keep still, so that your feet are moving under your desk as you try to keep it under control. Regular movement helps to increase your metabolism, keeps your blood circulation moving, and fights fatigue.

ERGONOMIC BENEFITS - Designed using ergonomic principles and based on research into the benefits of fidgeting and the negative effects of sedentary behaviour.

UNIQUE DESIGN - This active footrest is designed to be difficult! It massages, rolls and wobbles underfoot, which means you have to keep it under control.

ACTIVE SITTING - The movement promoted by the Dynamic Active Footrest helps you make the most out of sitting, both at work and home. It can help to reduce sedentary behaviour and increase blood flow to the legs.

INCREASE MOVEMENT - Studies show that people who fidget when sitting can burn up to 350 more calories a day.

REDUCE FATIGUE - Using the Dynamic Active Footrest will help you move your legs regularly - this action can help increase blood circulation and can significantly reduce leg fatigue.

ELEVATE FEET - When not being actively used, the Dynamic can be used to elevate feet and rest the legs.

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Additional Information

Carpets and Hard Floors
Ellipsoid (Rugby Ball Shape)
1 Year Limited Warranty
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