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Cleartex Ultimat Chair Mat for Deep Pile Carpets (over 12mm) | Clear Polycarbonate | Rectangular | Multiple Sizes

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  • Cleartex Ultimat Chair Mat for Deep Pile Carpets
  • Cleartex Ultimat Polycarbonate Chair Mat for Deep Pile Carpets
  • Cleartex Ultimat Rectangular Polycarbonate Chair Mat for Deep Pile Carpets
  • Clear Polycarbonate Chair Mat for Deep Pile Carpets
  • How to Choose a Chair Mat
  • How to Measure Carpet Pile Thickness
£44.49 - £61.49


Cleartex Ultimat chair mats provide premium protection for deep pile carpets against damage caused by office chair casters, dirty footwear and general wear. Made from polycarbonate, the most durable, strongest and clear plastic material. Cleartex Ultimat floor mats will not curl, bend, sink, crack or discolour under the correct application.

Ultimat chair mats lie flat immediately and provide ergonomic benefits for the users. Featuring a smooth, safe surface for wheeled office chairs to easily glide over, which helps reduce fatigue and makes moving around desk spaces effortless.

Floortex Original Polycarbonate is a premium quality polycarbonate, free from toxins and is fully recyclable. Floortex polycarbonate chair mats are manufactured in the Floortex UK facility which uses 25% renewable energy from wind and solar power.

PREMIUM PROTECTION – Cleartex Ultimat chair mats provide long lasting protection to carpets from dirt and damage caused by footwear, furniture and general wear. 20% thicker than standard polycarbonate chair mats, Ultimat’s provide excellent protection for deep pile carpets over 12mm thick.

HEAVY DUTY - Made from polycarbonate - an incredibly tough, rigid, long-lasting material. Chair wheels will not sink into the mat and it will not curl, bend, crack, dent, discolour or smell. This lightweight chair mat is suitable for heavy and frequent use.

ERGONOMIC - Ultimat immediately lies flat and stays flat. Even with heavy use, it provides an ergonomic, easy-glide surface which can help reduce leg fatigue. Grippers on the underside keep the mat safely in place on carpet while protecting it from damage.

CLEAR - Incredibly clear, the transparency of this mat allows flooring to show through, so it works with all interior designs.

ECO-FRIENDLY - Manufactured in a state-of-the-art Floortex facility which obtains 25% of its energy requirements from renewable sources. Ultimat chair mats are made to last and can be recycled after use.

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Additional Information

Deep Pile Carpet (over 12mm)
2 Year Limited Warranty
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